The City of Pitt Meadows is part of Metro Vancouver (formerly the Greater Vancouver Regional District), one of the world's most livable urban regions. A well-managed community , it offers a unique blend of big-city opportunity and rural lifestyle.

Along with a well-planned and compact urban highland, Pitt Meadows has some of the richest agricultural land in Canada, from dairy production, cranberries and blueberries to nursery stock and greenhouse crops. This magnificent landscape, combining farms, forest, lakes and mountains, draws thousands of visitors each year, and provides a scenic backdrop for film and television productions. Pitt Meadows also boasts some of the best golf courses in the country.

The Golden Ears Crossing and Pitt River Bridge  make Pitt Meadows central to all major transportation corridors. Pitt Meadows is also home to the Canadian Pacific Vancouver Intermodel terminal, a key transportation gateway of its own and the Golden Ears Crossing has led to the creation of a new business park on the CP lands. The Pitt Meadows Airport will see rapid expansion in regional air charter and commuter traffic, with growth in aviation-related employment and light industrial activity. Meadowtown-a regional-scale shopping centre has been recently completed and extensive residential developments are also underway.

Pitt Meadows offer residents a superb quality of life. Incomes are well above average, and public services in health and recreation are excellent. Pitt Meadows has enjoyed the lowest level of residential property taxation in the Greater Vancouver region for several years. A commitment to sustainable development, protection of green spaces and agricultural lands combines with continual improvement in quality of life makes Pitt Meadows the natural place to visit, work, or invest.