Official Community Plan

Pitt Meadows 2040: 2018 OCP Review - You're Invited to Participate

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a long range (20 year) guide for the municipality that helps Council in making decisions on matters such as land use and growth, transportation, agricultural preservation, economic development, and housing. Pitt Meadows' OCP was created in 2008, and although there have been changes made since then, there has never been a full review since its adoption. We will be reviewing our OCP this year and will be seeking input from residents from all of Pitt Meadows!

What will Pitt Meadows look like in 2040? We want to hear what your vision for your community is. There will be opportunities to participate and give feedback throughout the next several months. 

Next Event: Values and Vision Sharing Event

Wednesday, June 20
Heritage Hall
12460 Harris Road
You’ll participate in a guided discussion with other community members and share your ideas and vision for Pitt Meadows’ future. This discussion will become the basis for the new Official Community Plan. Bring your friends and neighbours! RSVP to or call 604.465.2497.

And you can win! Participants at the Values and Vision Sharing event can enter to win 4 passes to the PNE!

Can't attend in person? You can add your ideas and participate online at

Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on upcoming opportunities to participate.

The Launch of Our Review for the Official Community Plan

On Saturday, May 12, the City launched  the review of the Official Community Plan at the Pitt Meadows Family Recreation Centre.  Over 50 community members attended.  If you missed the open house, take a moment to review the display boards

Council Reports

November 28, 2017 - 2018 OCP_Review_Scoping_Council Report
April 10, 2018 - 2018 OCP_Public_Engagement_Council Report

Pitt Meadows Official Community Plan

The OCP works together with the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), which is administered by Metro Vancouver, the regional government.  Member municipalities must show that their OCP is consistent with the RGS through a Regional Context Statement, which is imbedded within the municipal document.

View the bylaw for the Official Community Plan.   For easier viewing, sections have been extracted below to facilitate a quicker download below.

4.1   Natural Environment  
4.2   Agriculture  
4.3   Parks, Recreation & Open Space  
4.4   Heritage  
4.5   Community Uses  
4.6   Residential  
4.7   Commercial  
4.8   Industrial  
4.9   Transportation  
4.10  Utilities  
6.1 Development Permit Area No. 1
Environment & Wildfire Protection
6.2 Development Permit Area No. 2
Pitt Meadows Marina 
6.3 Development Permit Area No. 3
Outdoor Recreation
6.4 Development Permit Area No. 4
Business Park
6.5 Development Permit Area No. 5
6.6 Development Permit Area No. 6
Community Commercial 
6.7 Development Permit Area No. 7
Towncentre Commercial 
6.8 Development Permit Area No. 8
South Lougheed Commercial
6.9 Development Permit Area No. 9
Multi-Family Development 
6.10 Development Permit Area No. 10
North Lougheed Commercial 
6.11 Development Permit Area No. 11
Infill Housing
6.12 Development Permit Area No. 12
Barnston View Road


Map Schedules

Schedule 1 -     Urban Containment Boundary & Agricultural Land Reserve
Schedule 2 -     Green Zone
Schedule 3A -   Urban Land Use
Schedule 3B -   Rural Land Use
Schedule 4A -   Urban Road Network
Schedule 4B -   Rural Road Network
Schedule 5A -   Urban Cycling and Trail Network 
Schedule 5B -   Rural Cycling and Trail Network
Schedule 6A -   Urban Water Network 
Schedule 6B -   Rural Water Network
Schedule 7 -     Sanitary Sewer Network
Schedule 8 -     Drainage Catchment Areas
Schedule 9 -     Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Schedule 10 -   Floodplain Map 
Schedule 11A - Urban Community Heritage Register Buildings 
Schedule 11B - Rural Community Heritage Register Buildings
Schedule 12A - Urban Development Permit Areas 
Schedule 12B - Rural Development Permit Areas