Rezoning Process

Before the Application is Submitted

Prior to the submission of the application for rezoning, you should contact the Planning Staff to identify the following:

  • the current Zoning designation of your property
  • the current Official Community Plan (OCP) designation of your property
  • the general bylaw requirements of the land use which is being applied for
  • the type of information that will be required in support of an application
  • other municipal departments and government agencies that may also need to be consulted.
  • the compatibility of the proposal with surrounding land uses

Application for Rezoning

The applicant is responsible for submitting the Application for Rezoning to the Planning Staff. The application should include the following:

  • a development application form
  • the legal description of each lot affected
  • the name(s) and address(s) of the registered owner(s) of each lot affected
  • a current Certification of Title, available at the Land Title Office
  • where applicable, written authorization by the owner(s) for an agent to act on behalf of the said owner(s) (the authorization shall not have a time limit)
  • a statement outlining the existing use of the property
  • a letter outlining the intent of the proposed development and the nature of the anticipated use
  • a statement of justification for the proposed amendment including a statement explaining the nature and extent of benefits to the community which would result from the proposal
  • a rezoning application fee payable to the City of Pitt Meadows
  • fully dimensioned site plan(s)
  • detailed preliminary architectural plans
  • detailed landscape plans
  • all of the requested plans must be submitted in the following two formats:
    • full-size blueprints and colour representation (3 copies)
    • reduction of the above plans onto an 8 1/2" x 11" page, suitable for reproduction

Official Community Plan

Where the proposed rezoning is not consistent with the applicable designation of the Official Community Plan, the applicant is responsible for additional fees.  Note that a rezoning application will only be recommended favourably to Council by municipal staff where it is in accordance with the Official Community Plan, Zoning Use Bylaw and other Council policies.  An Official Community Plan amendment may be required and would be processed concurrently.

Processing the Application

Upon receipt of the application, the Planning Staff begins the formal review process.

Based upon the Planning Staff's review and the comments from various other departments and agencies, a report is sent to Council recommending whether or not a rezoning bylaw should be prepared, and outlining the conditions or prerequisites that must be met by the applicant.

The application may also be referred to the Advisory Design Panel.  Council reviews the Planning Staff's report.  At this time Council may:

  • authorize the preparation of the rezoning bylaw and recommend first and second readings
  • require that changes be made to the proposal
  • request that additional information be provided
  • recommend rejection of the application
  • recommend tabling of the application

Following this step, the applicant is then informed of Council's decision.

Bylaw Readings and Public Hearing

Where Council accepts the application, they will give first and second reading to the rezoning bylaw and the proposal is referred to Public Hearing.

The applicant must arrange for the erection of a Development Proposal sign on the subject site and must attend to any conditions which require compliance prior to the Public Hearing.

Next, the bylaw is advertised by the City of Pitt Meadows and is then presented at a scheduled Public Hearing.  Anyone who has an interest in the proposed rezoning is given the opportunity to comment on the proposal at the Public Hearing.

Following the Public Hearing, Council may:

  • give Third Reading
  • request that changes be made to the proposal
  • request that additional information be provided
  • reject the application