Opposition to the Sheridan Hill Quarry

Opposition to Sheridan Hill Proposed Mining Quarry

Sheridan Hill in north Pitt Meadows showcases our community’s natural beauty and is a wildlife habitat for heron, bald eagles, bears and many other animals. The proposed quarry will not only change 7.2 hectares on the south face of the hill and cause the removal of 1,400 cubic metres of trees, but will negatively affect the peaceful space of the residents and trail users in the area, as the mine will be blasting rock from 7am to 6pm Monday–Saturday for the next five years.

This application to the Ministry of Mines and Energy represents a significant change to Sheridan Hill. This quarry will be visible from many areas. Residences, farms and other businesses are likely to be affected by blasting and dust from the operation.


Decision Documents 

May 18, 2016 - The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has provided the City of Pitt Meadows with a website link for information relating to the Minister of Environment's decision to not undertake an Environmental Assessment in regards to the Opposition of Sheridan Hill’s Quarry Project.  

Background Information

Site location map
City report to Council on the Ministry of Energy and Mines Notice of Work, Sheridan Hill (Feb 23, 2015)
Council Resolution regarding Ministry of Energy and Mines Notice of Work, Sheridan Hill (adopted by Council Mar 3, 2015)

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