Pitt Meadows Airport Fill Deposit Application

Fill Deposit Application – 18300 Ford Road (Pitt Meadows Airport)

On June 7, 2016, Council passed a resolution to permit the Pitt Meadows Airport fill deposit permit with a number of operational conditions. Through case law review, legal counsel has advised the City of Pitt Meadows that deferral of the fill permit under the Bylaw would likely be vulnerable to a court challenge based on rules of administrative law.  In summary, runway extensions or improvements represent a “core or vital aspect” of aviation, which under Canada’s constitutional division of powers is a subject matter under the exclusive power of the federal government. 

Accordingly, issuing the permit was determined to be the best course of action. To ensure that City Bylaws are being adhered to, Council authorized the permit for two months with each month thereafter renewed automatically unless other direction by Council is determined. Staff and the Independent Environmental Monitor will be routinely inspecting for compliance.

View the Council Report - Fill Deposit Application — 18300 Ford Road Supplementary Information (June 6, 2016)