The following are a list of City staff and other useful contacts with regards to business in Pitt Meadows. For a full list of Municipal Contacts, please click here.

Pitt Meadows Municipal Hall
Community Relations/Bylaw Officer 604-465-2445
Building and Plumbing Inquiries/Inspectors 604-465-2428
Planning and Zoning 604-465-2428
Engineering and Development Services 604-465-2428
Sewer Connection 604-465-2428
Sign 604-465-2428
Water Connection 604-465-2428
Other Organizations
Electrical - BC Safety Authority (Provincial) 866-566-7233
Gas  - BC Safety Authority (Provincial) 866-566-7233
Maple Ridge Public Health (Provincial) 604-476-7000
Better Business Bureau 604-682-2711
BC Business Registry (One Stop) 1-877-822-5751
Ridge Meadows Chamber of Commerce 604-457-4599
Employment Standards 604-660-4946
GST, PST & Taxation Centre 1-877-388-4440
Liquor Control and Licensing 1-250-952-5787
Provincial Sales Tax 604-660-4524
Workers Compensation Board 604-276-3100
Government Agent Office 604-466-7470
Canada/British Columbia Business Services Centre 1-888-576-4444
Ministry of Finance 1-800-663-7867