Filming in Pitt Meadows

Thank you for your interest in filming in Pitt Meadows. For questions, inquiries, and to submit your application, please email or contact the office at 604-465-3763

Completed applications with full details must be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance of the proposed filming activity for proper review. Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

The Natural Place to Film

Only a quick 2 hour flight from Hollywood, USA, there's a reason why the Greater Vancouver region is the third largest film production area in North America. Located outside Vancouver's "studio zone", production companies that film in Pitt Meadows are eligible for the BC Film Tax Credit.

Situated in the Greater Vancouver region, the City of Pitt Meadows offers a wide range of filming locations. From the pristine waters of North America's largest tidal lake to a fast paced urban centre with a unique heritage area, this small yet progressive community boasts an astonishing array of locations. 

Filming Policy

Please review the new Filming Policy C028 for information regarding the new Hot Spot Designations, City services, guidelines, new fees, traffic management, application procedures and other filming information. 

Completed Film Permit Application
Hold Harmless
Noise Abeyance for production activities between 9:00pm and 7:00am
Copy of Insurance Certificate
Business License Application
Aerial Map Overlay Site Plan including: times, date(s), parking location(s), safety plan, and traffic management plan
Filming Notification Letter
Application may also require the following additional documentation;
Highway Use Permit
Pyrotechnic Permit
Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada
Ministry of Environment contacted & received approval
Katzie First Nation contacted & received approval
Site safety visit with Fire Department

Application ($300)
Business License ($111.00 as of January) ($55.50 after August 1)
Security Deposit ($2000)
Highway Use Permit ($100)
Pyrotechnic Permit ($200)
Film Inspection Fee ($75 + $3.75 GST)
Street Use Fee ($150/day/road)
Noise Abeyance ($100)

Filming Application Forms: