Role of the Municipal Building Official

The following is an excerpt from the Building Bylaw No. 2131

This information is provided to all building permit applicants, owners or agents and is intended to clarify the role of Municipal Building Officials.

The following is an extract from the B.C. Building Code: Article

"Responsibility of Owner:
Neither the granting of a building permit nor the approval of the relevant drawings and specifications nor inspections made by the authority having jurisdiction shall in any way relieve the owner of such building from full responsibility for carrying out the work or having the work carried out in full accordance with the requirements of the British Columbia Building Code."

The B.C. Building Code is based on three basic requirements - fire safety, life safety, and structural sufficiency. Based on these three parameters, Municipal Building Officials perform an audit, for municipal purposes only, at five steps in the construction process. These are foundation forms, sheathing, framing, insulation and at final occupancy."

If you require any further information, please contact:

Chantal Gemperle
Building Official