Building Permit Submission Checklist

Building Permit Check Sheet for Single Family Dwellings

This checklist is provided to assist you when applying for a permit to build your new home.

You will require the following in order to apply for a building permit:

  • Completed and notarized Homeowner Protection Office Declaration and Disclosure Notice. Form may be obtained from the HPO office. (for information on this Disclosure Notice, please contact the HPO office at 1-800-407-7757).Copies of liability insurance, and Schedules B1 and B2 for each Professional Engineer working for you e.g., Structural, Geotechnical, Fire Suppression.
  • 2 complete sets of your house plans, including foundation plans, floor plan(s), cross sections, elevations and roof layout.
  • 2 site plans (in metric) showing house dimensions, roof overhangs, lot dimensions and the distance the house will be from all property lines and from any other existing buildings on the property such as sheds garages barns etc. For parcels of land less than 1 acre, the site plan must show all grade elevations and drainage flow.
  • The following forms are available at the Inspection Service Department counter and must all be completed when submitting your plans for approval.

NOTE: you will be required to have a legal survey certificate on site when calling for your foundation inspection. This survey must be obtained from a B.C. Land Surveyor. If the property is one acre or more this survey may not be required. You will be advised at the time you pick up your permit .

If you property is on a septic system and/or well, the following will be requied

  • Provincial "Sewerage Regulation" compliance must be obtained and verified by an “authorized person” acceptable to the Municipality.

Please Note: You may apply for your building permit before you have any of the following, however you will not be able to obtain your permit or start building until the requirements have been met.