Inspections will not be made unless formally requested by the owner or his/her agent.

At least one full working day notice to be given before any inspection.

All work being inspected must be complete and ready prior to inspection.

Work must not proceed past any of the stages listed without prior clearance.

Inspections may be requested during normal working hours by phoning 604-465-2428. Please leave a message clearly indicating the permit number, address of job site and required inspection.

Inspections Required

Essential inspections are required before concealing or burying any building component. Typically these inspections include:

  • Footings Inspection - on completion of concrete formwork prior to placing concrete for foundations (please submit survey certificate prior to concrete placement)
  • Prior to backfilling any foundation or services
  • Prior to concealing any framing
  • Prior to concealing any plumbing
  • Prior to concealing any vapour barrier
  • Prior to occupying any building

The street address must be posted on the lot.
Approved plans must remain on site.