Engineer's Report

An engineering report may be required with the plan submittal. The report must describe the project in detail. Items that should be included or described in the report include:

1. General use of water within the facility;

2. Size and description of all fire and domestic water services;

3. Number of floors within the facility;

4. Actual or estimated maximum flow demand;

5. Pressures - existing and after the installation of the backflow preventer;

6. Description of the fire fighting system;

7. Description of the proposed installation of the backflow preventer – indicate the location of backflow preventer, drainage, lighting, heating, access to unit, square footage of the floor level where the backflow preventer is to be located;

8. Description of the existing or proposed booster pump system, answering the following questions:

a. After the installation of the proposed backflow preventer(s), will the Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) required for the proper operation of the booster pump system be adequate?

b. After the installation of the backflow preventer(s) in the suction line to the booster pump system, will the booster pump system operate properly at peak demand to deliver adequate pressure to the highest elevation and/or most remote fixture unit or any other operation requiring a certain pressure?

c. Does the booster pump system have a pressure cut off switch in the suction line? What is the pressure setting of the switch?

9. The need for dual backflow preventers. Does the facility need a continuous water supply?

10. The elevation and location of the 100 year flood plain in relation to the facility. A reduced pressure zone (RPZ) backflow preventer must generally be installed 1 foot above the 100 year flood plain elevation.

11. An inventory of any existing containment devices to include the make, model, size and serial number of the device. Current annual test reports must also be submitted. The degree of hazard for these services must be determined to insure that the device provides the correct protection.