Miscellaneous Considerations

· All assemblies shall be adequately supported and/or restrained to prevent lateral movement. Pipe hangers, braces, saddles, stanchions, piers, etc., should be used to support the device and should be placed in a manner that will not obstruct the function of or access to the relief valve.

· Strainers are recommended prior to each backflow prevention assembly on non-fire fighting water lines.

· The assembly should be sized hydraulically, taking into account both the volume requirements of the service and the head loss of the assembly. The head loss of the assembly is not necessarily directly proportional to flow. (Refer to the manufacturers head loss curves).

· Before selection and installation, refer to manufacturer's literature for temperature ranges. All assemblies must be protected from freezing temperatures

· All assemblies should be specified and installed with the manufacturer supplied resilient seated shut-off valves integral to the assembly.

· Water lines should be thoroughly flushed before installing the assembly. Most test failures on new installations are the result of debris fouling one of the check valves or the relief valve.

· Where the distance between the water meter and the assembly is greater than 2 feet, all exposed piping from the meter box to the backflow assembly should be encased in 3 to 6 inches of concrete.