Submission and Approval of Plans

In accordance with the City of Pitt Meadows Cross Connection Control Policy, the submission of plans and specifications for the installation of new backflow prevention assemblies must include the following:

1. A site plan (to scale or with dimensions) of the facility containing a general location map, name and address of facility, property lines, buildings, the size and location of public water main(s) and all fire and domestic water services, meter pits, yard piping and hydrants, pumper connection(s), interconnections, and the location of the proposed backflow preventer(s).

2. A plumbing floor plan (plan view) or partial floor plan indicating water services, name and address of facility, water meter layout, proposed backflow preventer(s), booster pump system, floor drain(s) and all nearby objects (examples: electrical panels, boilers, chillers, storage tanks, fire pumps, fire sprinkler risers, etc.). The plan must be drawn to scale or with dimensions indicated from walls and all nearby objects.

3. A vertical cross section(s) of the proposed installation with elevations from floor, ceiling, outside grade and all nearby objects.