Business in Pitt Meadows

The City is working to help develop a positive business and investment climate by:

  • Giving priority to expanding and retaining the commercial and industrial tax base in a manner consistent with the Official Community Plan;
  • Supporting partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce, the Airport Society, the School District, the Katzie First Nation and other external customers;
  • Supporting initiatives and  implementation of the Economic Development Strategic Plan;
  • Supporting the City's Agricultural Advisory Committee;
  • Developing policies that encourage a high quality of urban development.
  • Implement business changes that increase cost effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of city services by streamlining and improving the effectiveness of our processes.
  • Generate non-tax and non-mandatory revenues by charging fees for filming permits, sign permits, business licenses, highway use permits, zoning applications, and maps while ensuring user pay policies are fair and equitable.

Going Green?:  Climate Smart Program for Businesses