Planning & Development

The face of Pitt Meadows is always changing and improving.

The Planning & Development department discusses in depth Pitt Meadows' plans for its growth and development, and the current development activities in the City.

Pitt Meadows is part of a fast-growing urban region located in a primarily rural area, and for this reason it faces a unique set of challenges.  Our Official Community Plan notes the need to protect rural land uses in the face of demands for housing and commercial development.  Farming continues to be a major industry, but the growth of other industries is also essential to create jobs and support municipal services.  Striking that perfect balance between rural and urban is what makes Pitt Meadows so special, and also so exciting to have its land regulated.

Pitt Meadows Council and staff regulate land use through the Official Community Plan, the Zoning Bylaw and other relevant bylaws and policies. 

In addition to long range planning matters, the planning department processes and analyzes the following development applications:

  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment
  • Development Permit
  • Development Variance Permit
  • Subdivision
  • Land Use Contract Amendment
  • Official Community Plan Amendment
  • Temporary Commercial/Industrial Use Permit


Land Use

The Planning & Development department looks after the regulation of land use. The purpose of regulating land use is:

  • to maintain compatibility, order and the efficient use of land in the community
  • to initiate and set minimum standards for the health, convenience and welfare of the public


The City regulates land use primarily through four municipal bylaws:

  • Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2352, 2007 
  • Building Bylaw No. 2131
  • Zoning Bylaw No. 2505 
  • Subdivision Control Bylaw No. 2589, 2013