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Thinking About Running for Local Office?  Some Information to help you Decide

Candidate Nomination Packages

Nomination period is from 9:00am on September 4, 2018 to 4:00pm on September 14, 2018.  You are encouraged to submit your forms before the deadline to allow for potential corrections to your nomination package before the deadline.  Any questions may be directed to our Chief Election Officer (CEO), Tina Penney at 604.465.2433.

Mayor & Council Nomination Package School Trustee Candidate Nomination Package
Municipal Candidate Elector Organization School Trustee Elector Organization

The Nomination Packages are also available for pick up at City Hall (12007 Harris Rd.) from the Customer Service desk starting July 27, 2018.  

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Make a Difference
Most people who enter into local government or school district positions do so because they want to make a difference in their community.  Positive differences are made through good governance, and we are happy to direct candidates to publications and resources that may assist them in understanding the art of governance.   

Time Commitment

The time commitment is largely determined by the individual.  However the minimum requirement is attendance at Council meetings, which is presently held every Tuesday beginning at 7:00 p.m. (with the exception of the 4th Tuesday, where Council currently meets at 3:00 p.m.) and preceded by closed Council meetings usually held an hour or two prior to regular meetings, as needed.  There is also the time required to read the agenda and come to the meeting prepared to discuss the business.

In addition, Council members are appointed to City Committees and outside agencies and boards.  That time commitment will depend upon the activities of these committee, agencies and boards.  The Mayor is typically ex-official to all city committees.

Along with the above, there is the ongoing commitment to your constituents, which is left to each individual elected official to manage as they see fit.  For information pertaining to the time committment required of a School Trustee, visit the School District No. 42 website.  

City Hall Office Space and Resources

The Mayor has an office and an Executive Assistant.  All other Council Members share one office space and can access the Executive Assistant as needed.  The Executive Assistant will arrange for assisting Council with their calendars, meetings, and travel arrangements.

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The Role of an Elected Official

Elected Officials hold office at the pleasure of the public.  Simply stated, they set the policy, vision and direction of the local government / school district in order to guide the actions of the respective administration and staff.  Elected Officials therefore directs the details of running a municipality / school district, such as determining service deliveries, ensuring leadership in the budget process and properly representing the public at the Elected Official’s table, by creating an overarching vision and direction for the City / School District.


Elected Officials’ Indemnity

You may wonder how elected officials are compensated for their service. Presently Councillors are paid $28,280.27 annually for their duties and an extra $628.45 per month when serving as acting Mayor. The Mayor’s annual indemnity is $74,414.04 annually. This is paid in monthly installments.  Benefits provided are identified in the Council Indemnity Bylaw No. 2383. Effective November 1, 2018 School District elected officials are paid as follows:

  • $23,200 for Trustees,
  • $24,700 for Vice-Chairperson of the board; and
  • $26,200 for the Chairperson of the board

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Campaigning Rules and Regulations

The majority of rules and regulations are governed by Elections B.C. and prescribed in the Local Government Election Campaign Financing ActAdditionally, the City has some rules surrounding campaigning as follows:

A permit is not required for a Political or Election Sign for Federal, Provincial or Local Government Elections, provided that:

  • The sign is not erected prior to the official declaration of the election and are removed five days after the election;
  • The sign area shall not exceed 1.5 sq m (16.1 sq ft); and
  • The sign is not erected or placed:
    1.         on any bridge or overpass structure,
    2. on any bridge or overpass structure, 
    3. on any City building,
    4. in any park,
    5. in any highway median, median garden or boulevard garden, or
    6. in the internal median of the Lougheed Highway

Generally speaking, while it is understood that campaign signs are a necessary part of any election, candidates and any personnel assisting them are asked to apply common sense to ensure signs do not block sight lines for pedestrians and vehicles, as doing so would impose a safety hazard.

The Provincial Government and Elections B.C. have developed information on this topic to assist in informing potential candidates of election rules and regulations and to advise candidates regarding their responsibilities.  

Please refer to the Elections BC website or call 1.855.952.0280 for more information.

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Additional Information / Resources

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