Copper and Aluminum Theft Places Pitt Meadows House Donation in Jeopardy

January 4, 2007

Pitt Meadows, B.C. – (January 8, 2006) – The thieves who stripped a historic house on the main street of Pitt Meadows of its copper wiring and aluminum window frames may have unwittingly jeopardized the house getting a second life. The dwelling, built in 1950, had been donated to the City of Pitt Meadows for use as a park caretaker's house.

Epta Properties, which plans to build a four-storey multi-family residential building on the land where the house sits, has agreed to donate the house to the city. The house is scheduled to be moved to a nearby city park later this month. Along with the planned development, Epta Properties is currently building and selling the 85-suite Keystone on Harris Road at Davison in Pitt Meadows.

Before the house could be moved, vandals broke in and tore out aluminum window frames and some copper wiring, seriously damaging the walls. The house has now been boarded up by the parks department and a security firm has been hired to ensure there is no further damage

The house had been built on Harris Road in Pitt Meadows in 1950 and occupied by one couple until it was sold to Epta Properties last year when the elderly owner moved to a care home.

“The donation of this house was going to save the city a considerable amount of money,” says city engineering services coordinator Ike deBoer. “The former owner was very excited that her house was going to have a new life and she would be very upset to know it has been vandalized in this way.”

The city and Epta Properties are reviewing the damage to determine the extent of the damage and cost of repairs. “We are very disturbed at what has happened to the house that we hope will make an ongoing contribution to the city,” says Alex Tsakumis, vice president of Epta Properties.

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