Move for Health Day Local Government Challenge

April 27, 2006

Municipal employees will take part in a Move for Health Day Local Government Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to get the largest percentage of Municipal employees out walking with the mayor or council.

This year, the District of Maple Ridge and the District of Pitt Meadows have joined in on the challenge and are working hard to come out on top.

In Pitt Meadows, Mayor MacLean will lead a noon hour staff walk on May 10th, followed by a barbeque to raise funds for the United Way. Event organizers, Kathleen Wilson and Tracy Miyashita selected this format to benefit both staff and the community. Mayor MacLean personally enjoys walking, and encourages staff and citizens to "enjoy the warm weather and make use of the scenic dykes, paths and trails that we have available in our communities".

In Maple Ridge, Councillor Hogarth will be Acting Mayor on May 9th, and in this role will lead staff in a noon-hour walk from the Bandstand to the Port Haney Wharf and back. At the wharf, staff will enjoy an ice-cream or frozen yogurt bar. Councillor Hogarth encourages staff and Council "to model the increased activity level that Move for Health encourages us to achieve."

Pauline Vandermoor, Sports and Fitness Coordinator who organized the Maple Ridge event reminds us that "even moderate regular activity, such as a brisk walk, delivers significant health benefits".

Lynn Guest, Manager of Health Services for the Fraser Health Authority, is very supportive of the Move for Health initiative. A number of Health Authority staff will join Maple Ridge Municipal staff for the walk to the wharf. Lynn advocates getting as many people as possible involved in a more active lifestyle "to increase our energy level, and our ability to fully participate in all aspects of life".

Staff have also planned three walks that everyone from the community is invited to participate in. On Monday, May 8th meet at 9:45 a.m. at the Maple Ridge Bandstand for a 30 minute easy walk to the Port Haney Wharf. On Tuesday May 9th meet at 8:45 a.m. at the Silver Bridge (North on Harris Road), for a 2.5 Kilometer easy walk along the Pitt Meadows Dykes.On May 10th at 6:30 p.m. Meet at Maple Ridge Secondary School Tennis Courts for a 30 minute easy walk around the neighbourhood.

Move for Heath Day on May 10, 2006 is a challenge to British Columbians to get moving. The overall goal is to increase our level of physical activity by 20% by the year 2010. Each of us plays a critical role in successfully achieving this goal, and the personal benefits it promises. See you out walking!

For further information, call
Kelly Swift, Manager of Marketing and Customer Service, Phone: 604-467-7328