Pitt Meadows to Become a City in 2007

October 3, 2006

PITT MEADOWS BC: - When we ring in the New Year January 1st, the citizens of Pitt Meadows will be celebrating something else as well. The BC Cabinet and Lieutenant Governor in Council have supported the municipality's request to change its designation from a District to a City. The letters patent for Pitt Meadows were ordered repealed on December 1, 2006 and new ones issued reincorporating the municipality as a city in accordance with section 17 (1) of the Community Charter. The official transformation will take place January 1, 2007.

Director of Legislative Services, Laurie Darcus, reported that the designation change had generally been supported with over 99% of voters indicating no opposition during this summer's alternative approval process. "The City designation has no impact on tax rates or legislative powers. It does, however, identify us from both an investment and economic development perspective".

Mayor MacLean is delighted at the acceptance of the proposal. "Pitt Meadows is a unique and vibrant community. The City status just enhances all that is good about Pitt Meadows without compromising the small town feel we are so proud of. We have been able to offer residents the sophistication and services of a city while maintaining the character and charm of a rural neighborhood."

The transition will take time. The new logo and brand is being reworked to incorporate the word City. The formal regulatory process will take place at Council's first meeting on January 16, 2007 and a public celebratory event is in the planning stages for Pitt Meadows' original incorporation date of April 25. MacLean added "It is a historic event for us - it solidifies our community and shows that we are indeed much more than just a district, we are a community, a vibrant and exciting city - the natural place."

December 4, 2006 #06-16
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