Pitt Meadows & Maple Ridge Councils Hold Joint Workshop

Press Release


March 2, 2016  #2016-7
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Mayor John Becker



PITT MEADOWS, BC -  Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Councils held a joint workshop on February 29 to discuss items of mutual interest. The two key topics discussed were the governance of the Pitt Meadows Airport and the transition from the Joint Parks & Leisure Services model to each city managing their own service delivery.

The joint meeting was facilitated by Dr. Gord McIntosh, president of the Local Government Leadership Institute. Dr. McIntosh will be reporting back to both Councils with follow-up on actions relating to ending the Joint Parks & Leisure Services model and the Airport governance. Both Councils confirm a focus on ensuring accountability to constituents in the delivery of services and collaboration to mitigate any impact on users.

“It is always great to sit with our colleagues in Maple Ridge and discuss the challenges that we all face in local government. I want to make sure that people know that we all share a strong commitment to transparency and efficiency for our citizens,” said Pitt Meadows Mayor John Becker.

“There is no dotted line between our two communities – we are geographically linked and are neighbours in every sense of the word. While our communities are on different growth trajectories, we understand the value of a strong collaboration. This meeting reflects our commitment to work together to manage the Parks & Leisure transition, Airport and broader regional issues we have in common.”

“I want to echo Mayor Becker’s comments around the shared values that both Councils have for their citizens and ensuring that we both deliver the services we need for our communities with efficiency and effectiveness. During the meeting I was struck not by the differences of opinion around the table, but by the common goals we have around ensuring our two communities are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities we each have at this point in time,” said Maple Ridge Mayor Nicole Read.

“We’re both moving forward on the right path for our citizens. We will continue to work together where our shared voice can have a significant impact regionally and provincially.”

The reports to each Council by Dr. McIntosh are expected later in March or in early April as part of the regular meeting cycles of each Council.

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