Pitt Meadows to Create Airport Advisory Committee

Press Release

April 4, 2016  #2016-8
For more information please contact:
Mayor John Becker


PITT MEADOWS, BC -  Pitt Meadows Council recently passed a resolution to develop a local advisory committee to work collaboratively with stakeholders of the Pitt Meadows Airport. To begin this process, the City is currently seeking interested parties to participate in an initial steering committee to create the parameters of the advisory committee.

“This initiative was a necessary response on the part of Council after a decade of frustration on the part of residents and stakeholders with respect to the airport,” said Mayor John Becker.

“Creating this advisory committee is a reflection of the needs of our residents, through City Council, to work with airport stakeholders in a collaborative and transparent way, and to give residents a voice.”

The first step in the process is seeking participants for a steering committee. The Pitt Meadows Airport Steering Committee will meet in a facilitated session to determine the form and function of the eventual Pitt Meadows Airport Advisory Committee. The steering committee is open to all interested parties, including Pitt Meadows Council, City staff and residents, Maple Ridge Council, City staff and residents, and airport stakeholders.

Once the parameters are determined, the Pitt Meadows Advisory Committee will become a standing committee of Council that will meet regularly regarding airport issues. The group will likely consist of 15-20 members profiled from identified stakeholder groups.

Individuals interested in participating in the Pitt Meadows Airport Steering Committee should submit the online application at pittmeadows.bc.ca/committees.

Becker and his Council are optimistic that the new advisory committee will be a first step toward addressing long-standing concerns with all stakeholders involved.

“Council remains committed to working with Maple Ridge, the Board of the Airport Society, stakeholders, and residents regarding the airport,” he said.