City Announces Steps to Improve Airport


August 25, 2016 #2016-18


PITT MEADOWS, BC – Mayor Becker and Council is addressing residents’ concerns regarding the Airport and plans for its governance, following wide deliberation, debate, and dialogue between both Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge Councils, as well as the Airport Board of Directors.  An interim governance plan has been accepted including a commitment by both Councils to a joint long-term solution to the governance structure of YPK.

“We understand that the community needs to see action taken on this issue,” said Pitt Meadows Mayor John Becker.

“We have now established some key steps to improving the airport’s operations and streamlining its governance structure.”

The composition of the interim Board of Directors, the permanent governance model, and the airport vision and strategic planning have been an integral part of the stakeholders’ deliberation.

The YPK Board of Directors, with the exception of one director, have opted by their own accord to continue in their capacity as directors by rescinding their resignations tendered in May which were to take effect July 31. The remaining directors filled one vacancy by appointing the Airport Manager, Elvio Pecchia, to the board.

While acknowledging the appointment under the Society Act, Pitt Meadows Council indicated significant concerns regarding the potential conflict of interest that could arise when a senior manager sits on a board overseeing employees and other operational matters; however, they accepted the interim board members’ appointments for this short-term arrangement.  Council’s acceptance is contingent on the permanent governance structure being settled and established by the end of 2016 or earlier.

With regard to the airport governance model, both Councils expressed a common goal of establishing an appropriate long-term, balanced board structure by the end of December 2016. They remained unanimous on the need to solve the board’s current appointment process and, more importantly, conducting a visioning exercise for optimizing airport operations. This exercise will achieve fundamental operational changes in an engaging, meaningful and inclusive fashion in order to improve both the airport and the Pitt Meadows community, where the airport is located.

Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge both wish to work with the Airport Board to establish a vision and strategic plan for the airport’s long-term future.

“Council and I expect the board will engage our community in a meaningful and inclusive way on important decision-making processes, as opposed to simply informing. Such fundamental change to our communication will reduce potential conflicts regarding respective roles and responsibilities,” said Mayor Becker.

“This improved communication will also ensure that the board and the City of Pitt Meadows each have significant input on decisions regarding strategic directions.  It is our hope that through this improved process, we can work together to produce a vision and strategic plan that is understood and accepted by all stakeholders.”


For more information please contact:
Mayor John Becker
City of Pitt Meadows 604-465-5454