Online Crime Map Officially Released

Online Crime Map Officially Released

Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows, B.C. – Ridge Meadows RCMP are very pleased to announce online crime maps are now officially available on the City of Maple and City of Pitt Meadows websites.

“It is my pleasure to introduce our interactive online crime maps for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows that are now available on City websites.” said Superintendent Dave Fleugel.  “Leveraging technology and the outstanding relationships we have in both Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, Ridge Meadows RCMP are now able to regularly upload crime report data for the public in an easy to use map format.  Through this community engagement initiative we are confident our citizens will become even more aware of what is happening in their neighbourhoods and, as a result, will reduce the chance of being a victim of property crime.  A feature of the online map also allows people with information about a crime to send in a tip to CrimeStoppers that may result in identifying the person responsible.  I sincerely hope that all citizens take the time to regularly view the online crime map so we can continue to work together to drive property crime down in both communities.”

"On behalf of council I want to congratulate the Ridge Meadows RCMP and the City IT team for the work that they have done to create the Crime Map for the City website. Property Crime is largely a crime of opportunity. When we let down our guard and leave valuables in the open and forget to lock our cars, garages or homes, we can become targets for criminals. Armed with the information on this map, neighbourhoods can be more vigilant about suspicious activity and work more closely with police to locate, catch and prosecute criminals," said Maple Ridge Mayor Nicole Read.

Pitt Meadows Mayor John Becker said, “On behalf of the City of Pitt Meadows we are pleased to partner with the RCMP on this initiative to provide our residents with transparent crime reporting so they can be alert and be safe within their neighborhoods.  Information is a very powerful tool.” 

The crime maps are hosted by the individual city’s web sites, but are also accessable through the Ridge Meadows RCMP web site,,  which provides a direct link to the two crime maps.

This release was authorized by Superintendent Dave Fleugel.