Parks and Recreation Transition on Track

Press Release

February 17, 2016  #2016-5
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John Becker, Mayor 604-465-2416


 PITT MEADOWS, BC – Last night Council received the second of four consultant reports on the transition of parks, culture and recreation services and made some critical decisions moving forward on an independent model for Pitt Meadows.  Council committed to a target of maintaining current service levels and providing quality services and programs using a “hybrid” model. While remaining mindful of the current budget allocation, that model will include City of Pitt Meadows staff complemented by contracted services and strategic partnerships in various forms to provide the most cost effective and efficient services.

“Our goal is to move services over as they exist and then in time sort out what really is working and how we can tailor it for Pitt Meadows,” explained Mayor John Becker. 

“At the same time we need to determine the best service delivery model. Just because a service was delivered one way in the past does not mean that we cannot or should not consider alternative service delivery models.”

 In October of 2015, Maple Ridge announced that they would be exiting the 21 year old joint services agreement. City of Pitt Meadows was left to quickly identify what the impact on the community and the organization would be and come up with plans to offer an independent parks and recreation function. Recreation experts Kurt Houlden and David Leavers of KDH Management Consulting have been working with senior staff to prepare a plan for the creation of a “made in Pitt Meadows” solution.

 Mayor Becker countered claims that the work was not moving quickly enough.

“This criticism is unfounded and demonstrates a lack of understanding of the complexities involved.”

 “We acknowledge that there is a lot of work to be done in a very short period of time. We are committed to ensuring quality programs and services, access to space and reasonable fees.

To all the stakeholders, no matter where they reside, the City will attempt to make this transition as seamless as possible. There are a lot of people involved with some great ideas and we all share a desire to make this better.”

 As part of a Council approved communication plan, the City will host a Public information Open House on March 9, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the lobby of the Pitt Meadows Family Recreation Centre to encourage the public to ask questions and provide comment on the proposed transition plan. The City will be sharing information as it becomes available. Citizens and interested groups are encouraged to visit, follow the City’s social media sites on Facebook and Twitter for updates, or contact