Public Billboards Expand City Outreach

Press Release

July 2, 2015 #2015-03
For further information, call
Kim Grout, CAO  604.465.2413


Pitt Meadows, BC – The City of Pitt Meadows has worked with Pattison Outdoor to expand its communications to residents with digital signage on Lougheed Highway and Harris Road. A new electronic billboard on Lougheed and a digital reader board on Harris will display City messages to residents regarding City projects, events and community initiatives. 

The current electronic billboard on Lougheed Highway has been replaced with a larger sign that will be more visible, with fifteen feet of extra width. It will carry City messages as well as commercial advertising. The structure will also display the City’s brand, as part of a location and identity marker and a welcome to drivers coming eastbound over the Pitt River Bridge. Installation is expected to be complete this month.

A new digital community reader board will be installed outside of City Hall on Harris Road later this fall and will allow space for both City and community groups unpaid advertising only.

“One of Council’s objectives is to offer transparent and clear communication to the public, and this opportunity provided us a way to do that and reach a wider audience,” said Kim Grout, the City’s Chief Administrative Officer.

“Some residents tell us they don’t see our ads or our newsletter, and some residents don’t have a computer to access our online communication, so we listened to these concerns. These signage opportunities allow us to reach more of those audiences.”

The City has a number of advertising spaces on the boards that they allow non-profit community groups and organizations to use to promote events and initiatives at little to no cost.

In addition to the new digital signage on both Lougheed Highway and Harris Road, Pattison Outdoor agreed to upgrade all bus shelters in Pitt Meadows and add one in the Osprey area at no cost to the City. The new bus shelters have been installed over the past several months and the new structures incorporate the City’s brand and logo, with location names clearly posted.

Negotiations for the new agreement with Pattison enhanced revenues for the City by more than 300% over the agreement term.