Pitt Meadows Airport Advisory Committee

Pitt Meadows Airport Advisory Committee

On March 22, 2016, Pitt Meadows City Council passed a resolution to develop a local Advisory Committee to work collaboratively and transparently with the Pitt Meadows Airport. The purpose of the committee is to obtain diverse views from the community and airport interests in airport matters affecting the community and vice versa.

For an at-a-glance view of upcoming Committee meetings, please review our online Community Calendar.

Terms of Reference for the PMAAC

Membership for the committee is to reflect varied perspectives as follows: 

  • One (1) Council member non-voting
  • Four (4) persons having airspace knowledge or use of the airport
  • Four (4) Pitt Meadows and area persons reflecting residential, property owners, and/or business and other perspectives


Members are to be appointed for three year terms effective January 1 each year.  Every year, two members will end on December 31 to keep terms staggered.

The current members of the Committee are:

Aviation Experience

  • Ron Blakely; 3 year term
  • Tom Heise;  3 year term
  • Gino Laplante; 3 year term
  • Reg Moen;   2 year term

 Interest in the Airport

  • Steve Aujla; 3 year term
  • Peter Jongbloed;  2 year term
  • Johanne Rensmaag;  3 year term
  • Twyla Rickman;  2 year term

The Mayor is an ex-officio member without voting privileges and Councillor Bell represents Council without voting privileges.


Meetings will be held at City Hall (12007 Harris Road) and commence at 7:00pm.  The Committee is expected to meet four times per year or as business needs arise.  

Date of Meeting        
May 28, 2018   Agenda   Minutes (Draft)
March 26, 2018   Agenda   Minutes
January 29, 2018   Agenda   Minutes
November 27, 2017   Agenda
October 30, 2017   Agenda    Minutes
September 18, 2017   Agenda   Minutes 
June 26, 2017   Agenda   Minutes
April 24, 2017   Agenda    Minutes 
February 27, 2017   Agenda   Minutes

Should you have any questions, please contact the Chairperson for the Advisory Committee, Reg Moen.