Council Policies


As policies are updated or reaffirmed, they will be added to the list below.  See below for policies that have been added so far and check back periodically for further additions.



Section 01 - Administration


C001 Half-masting of Flags 
C002 Freedom of the City
C003 Council Proclamations and Announcements 
C005 Council Appointments - Length of Tenure
C006 Council Meetings in August 
C008 Non-payment of Consultation Fees: Other Levels of Govenrment & Third Parties 
C009 Council Liaison
C010 Delegations and Presentations before Regular Council and CIC 
C011 Commissioner for Taking Affidavits 
C039 Distribution of Agendas and Minutes 
C041 Public Hearing Policy and Opening Statement
C051 Correspondence Addressed to Mayor and Council
C062 Council Orientation 
C064 Council / Administration Protocol
C065 Policy Administration and Evaluation
C066 Access to Information (Mayor)
C067 Councillors Access to Information
C069 Sister City Relationships
C098 Community Engagement


Section 02 - Buildings, Facilities and Properties  
C004 Public Use of Municipal Billboards (B05)
C040 Leases and Licenses to Occupy Municipally Owned Property 
C042 Video Surveillance for City Buildings
C077 Land Acquisition Strategy


Section 03 - Purchasing, Equipment and Supplies  
C012 Purchasing and Procurement 
C013 Disposal of Assets 



Section 04 - Information Systems and Services  
C059 Sponsorship and Advertising on City Owned or City Managed Property
C063 Media and Public Relations Communications
Section 05 - Finance  
C049 Revenue and Taxation
C055 Investment Policy
C056 Exemption of Refund of Taxes and Other Fees & Charges
C058 Tangible Capital Assets & Amortization
C061 Permissive Tax Exemptions
C068 Council Expenses
C072 Grants and Donations
C092 Living Wage
C094 Surplus Policy
C095 Debt Policy
Section 06 - Legal Matters  
C048 Risk Management
Section 07 - Personnel  
C050 Hiring of CAO 
C073 Civic Recognition 
C075 Annual Performance Review - Chief Administrative Officer
C074 Council Social Media Use
Section 08 - Land Administration  
Section 09 - Legislative and Regulatory Affairs  
C023 Liquor License Application
Section 10 - Social and Community Services Planning  
Section 11 - Engineering and Public Works  
C016 Administering Internal Drainage Facilities
C019 Sandbag Distribution
C020 Road Network Snow and Ice Policy
C022 Cross-Connection Control
C035 Engine Brake Signage
C096 City Parks & Facilities Snow & Ice Policy
C097 City Sidewalks Snow & Ice Policy
Section 12 - Parks Administration  
C017 Temporary Use of Municipally Owned Dike Right of Ways
C018 Cross Street Banners on Harris Road
C043 Dyke Bench Policy
C084 Park and Facility Naming
C085 Cost Sharing of Play Equipment on Adjacent School/Park Sites
C086 Use of Prison Work Crews
C089 Sport Field Closure / Damage Deposits
Section 13 - Planning and Development  
C014 Complaints and Bylaw Enforcements
C015 Public Consultation Meetings - Policy for Developers
C024 Street Naming
C025 Anti-Idling
C026 Temporary Accessory Dwellings in A.L.R.
C027 Tree Preservation Policy on Municipally Owned Lands
C028 Filming Policy
C029 Traffic Calming Policy
C030 Geotechnical Report Guidelines
C031 Removal of Signs from Road Right of Ways
C033 Bylaw Notice of Enforcement - Penalty Disputes
C034 Adaptable Housing
C036 Consultation Protocol for the Placement of Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems
C037 Decommissioning Secondary Suites for Multiple Property Owners
C047 Sustainability Checklist
C060 Garbage and Recycling Storage Space in Mulitfamily Residential and Mixed Use Buildings
C071 Council Committee Recruitment Procedures
C076 Good Neighbour Agreement
C091 Residential Community Amenity Contributions
 C090  Volunteer Policy
Section 14 - Protective Services  
C038 Fire & Rescue - Service Level Establishment & Limitations
Section 15 - Recreation and Cutural Services  
C044 Heritage Hall Rentals
C046 Pitt Meadows Public Art Steering Committee
C070 Fees & Charges Policy
C078 Recreation Access
C079 Public Events Where Alcohol is Permitted - City Properties
C080 Fees & Charges for City Facilities Used to Raise Money for Approved City Projects
C081 Facility Rental Fee Waivers
C082 Facility Rental Fee Waiver - Registration Subsidy
C083 Program and Admission Fee Subsidization
C087 Child Protection
C088 Facility Allocation - Regular Use
 C093 Artists in Our Parks
Section 16 - Transportation and Transit Service