Canada 150 Mosaic Mural

Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas for the Pitt Meadows mural design! All entries will be entered into a draw to win a free fitness pass at the Pitt Meadows Fitness Centre! Learn more about this exciting project below, and find out how you and your Pitt Meadows friends and neighbours can be a part of it!

About the Canada 150 Mosaic Project

As Canada approaches its 150th birthday this year, there are numerous events planned across the country to celebrate. The City of Pitt Meadows has partnered with the Canada 150 Mosaic Project to mark this milestone. 

Each community participating in the project will create their own community mural, representing how their community fits into the larger mosaic of Canadian history. The mural stays in the community as a standalone project and legacy of the Canada 150 celebration. However, each community mural is based on a train design, so if all 150 community murals were connected, it would create a train of visual mosaics of Canadian history, stretching over 365 metres wide (4 football fields) and 2.5 metres high (8 feet).

The Pitt Meadows Mural

We're asking the community to submit ideas on what our mural should look like and include. The Mosaic Mural team will create the mural design. Then they will join us at Pitt Meadows Day, and work with residents to create their own 4"x4" tile that will become a part of the Pitt Meadows mural! All skills are welcome; you do not have to be an artist!

Follow the progress of the Pitt Meadows project on the Canada 150 Mural website.

Step 1: Help us choose what the Pitt Meadows Mural will look like!
What visual portrayal of history would the Pitt Meadows mural include? The heron? The waterways? Our Katzie First Nation history? Submit your ideas before April 1 to All entries will be entered into a draw to win a fitness pass at the Pitt Meadows Fitness Centre at the Pitt Meadows Family Rec Centre!

Step 2: Join the Mosaic Mural Team on Pitt Meadows Day June 3 and paint your tile!
Come and make your mark on the Canada 150 Mosaic Mural! You can be creative with your own tile, and it will become part of the Pitt Meadows mural, which becomes part of the 150 murals across Canada! What will you paint on your tile?

Step 3: Join the unveiling of the Pitt Meadows Mural, on Canada Day during our community celebrations!
The location has yet to be determined, but check back for announcements on where and when you can see the finished project that your painted tile will be a part of!

Follow the progress of all the Canada 150 Mosaic Murals!
The Mural Mosaic team have been working with cities, towns, and villages from all provinces and territories across the nation to create individual community murals - 150 in total, including 80,000 individual paintings. Check out other community murals and projects on their website at

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