Circle of Life

Title Circle of Life
Artist Brad Dinwoodie
Master Carver Doug Morrison
Medium Wood Carving/Acrylic/Photography                                               
Location South Bonson Community Centre
Year Installed 2009
Funded By Donation (Spirit of Wood Society)

The carving represents the “Circle of Life” and how everything is connected to each other.  The carving starts with the Katzie salmon flowing into the spirit bear (the protector). From there, the carving flows in the Wapati plant of the Katzie First Nation, where the great blue heron (the symbol of Pitt Meadows) stands proud.  Mother Tree, whose roots grow deep in the history of the area, reaches its branches forward, releasing the First Nations eagle to soar high in the sky. Ever watching, the salmon are swimming up the river, and the circle starts again.

The Spirit of Wood Society commissioned local artist Brad Dinwoodie to come up with a design for the sculpture.  The carving was done by the residents of the community of Pitt Meadows.  Pieces were placed in the schools for students to carve as well as carvings sessions were held at various locations throughout the community allowing all residents, young and old to participate.  PM resident and photographer Susann Sigmund was responsible for the photographic backdrop of the Golden Ears mountains viewed from the Pitt Meadows bridge.  Master carver Doug Morrison was responsible for completing the piece and Pitt Meadows Artist Brad Dinwoodie assembled the final sculpture and oversaw the final installation.