Rising Spirit

Project Name Pitt Meadows Eagle -  'Rising Spirit'
Name of Artist Linda Nelson
Project Location Pitt Meadows Spirit Square, next to Pitt Meadows City Hall
Project Initiator The Pitt Meadows Lions Society
Donors or Sponsors The British Columbia Lions Society for Children with Disabilities, The Pitt Meadows Lions Club, The Pitt Meadows Community Foundation, The City of Pitt Meadows, The Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Chamber of Commerce, and private donors.
Commissioned The eagle was commissioned by the Pitt Meadows Chapter of the Lions Society, with the directive to depict scenes or images important to Pitt Meadows.
Date of Installation February 24, 2009, unveiled April 23, 2009
Project Dimensions Eight feet tall
Project Materials Molded fiberglass form welded and bolted to a metal stand

About the Artist
Linda Nelson is a proud Pitt Meadows  resident, an educator, watermedia artist and active member of the local arts community  Her art is realistic to slightly impressionistic in style, covering a good variety of subject matter.  Her art includes local scenes and images, a particular pleasure for her.   She often creates cards to match her artwork, and has created cards to match the four wing panels of the eagle.  

"In British Columbia, there are many amazing geographical features and natural resources.  My artwork depicts an eagle's eye view of some of these elements, particularly within the greater Fraser Valley.  From a Pitt Meadows vantage point, I have painted scenes to the north and east, hoping to capture the richness and beauty of the environment which surrounds us." (BC Lions Society walking guide brochure)

Contact Linda

The Pitt Meadows Eagle began as one of the fundraising initiatives of the Lions Society for Children with Disabilities.  The third in their Public Art fundraising trilogy of bears, orcas and eagles, these large public art pieces are on display in many locations around British Columbia.  There were 103 eagles in all, commissioned to various British Columbia artists. The completed eagle was unveiled at the opening of Pitt Meadows Spirit square next to City hall.   After being 'on loan' for public display for a year, the eagles were all collected back up and sold outright by the BC Lions Society at a three-day public fundraising auction. The City of Pitt Meadows  (via The Pitt Meadows Foundation?) was the final successful bidder, and the eagle was then reinstated in Pitt Meadows Spirit Square, now its permanent home.