Tennis Courts

You never have to go far to play tennis. Recreational courts are free and available for public use.

Court Use Etiquette

  • Thirty-minute maximum play if players are waiting. 
  • Two players are required to claim a court. 
  • Players must avoid interference with adjoining courts. 
  • Use clean footwear with rubber soles on the courts. 
  • Courts are to be used for tennis only. No bikes, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, ball hockey, animals, etc.

Pitt Meadows Tennis Court Locations

  • Mitchell Road Park (1)
    19000 Mitchell Road
  • Pitt Meadows Athletic Park (4)
    114 Avenue west of Bonson Road
  • Pitt Meadows Secondary School (2)
    19438 116B Avenue
  • Somerset Park/Edith McDernott School (1) 
    12778 Bonson Road