Pitt Meadows Recreation in partnership with SCOPE BC and Fraser Health Authority are working together to create increased physical activity levels and outdoor play for families. Through the BC Alliance for Healthy Living Grant, a community playbox will be installed in one of our parks this spring.

What is in the Playbox?
The Playboxes are stocked with sports equipment, interactive play equipment and a manual of active game ideas to help guide family play and connection. They provide unlimited access for families to get outdoors and engage in active play. Everyone is able to access the box and it is FREE!

Where are the Live 5-2-1-0 Playboxes?
Pitt Meadows Athletic Park by the playground (11431 Bonson Rd.)
Waterfront Commons Park in Osprey Village beside the path to the river (Barnston View Rd.)

How do I access the Playboxes?
1. Email to get the code to unlock the box.
2. Open the box and have fun with your family and friends!
3. Put all the equipment back in the box once you have finished.
4. Lock up the box.
5. Come back again and enjoy!