Community Services & Special Interest Groups

Organization Contact Name Phone
Community Services & Special Interest Groups
IODE (Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire) Strocel, Margaret 604-859-7454 E-mail
4H Dairy Calf Club Beek, Linda 604-467-9468 E-mail
4H, General Information Ansell, Meghan 604-467-4920 E-mail
Agricultural Association, MR & PM Bates, Lorraine 604-463-6922
Air Cadets, Royal Canadian, Squad. 583 Feist, Jordana 604-463-9388 E-mail
Alcohol and Drug Referral, One Way Club Lockhart, Vic 604-463-6617
Army Cadets, 1838 MR Lee, Capt. Chris 604-805-0495
Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans, MR Frank/Marlene 604-463-6333
Autism Society of BC 604-434-0880
BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Birrell, Margaret 604-875-0188 E-mail
BeeKeepers, North Fraser Fisher, Ian 604-463-9324 E-mail
Beta Sigma Phi Roussy, Colette 604-463-0078
Big Brothers, Big Sisters Tait, Tammy 604-466-7555 E-mail
Boating, Alouette Power Squadron Brady, Lorena 604-463-9258
Canadian Council for the Blind, Maple Ridge Beyer, Fred 604-466-0694
CEED Centre Society Cowley, Christian 604-463-2229 E-mail
Cerebral Palsy Sports McCain, Heather 604-599-5240 E-mail
Chamber of Commerce, MR & PM Sidhu, Jesse 604-463-3366 E-mail
Child Development Centre, Ridge Meadows 604-463-0881 E-mail
Chronic Pain Support Group McCain, Heather 604-437-7331 E-mail
Church, Haney Presbyterian Reaveley, Susan 604-467-1715 E-mail
Church, St.John The Evangelist Anglican Findley-Price, Rev.David 604-462-7933
Citizens for Accessible Neighborhoods (CAN) McCain, Heather 604-437-7331 E-mail
Community Education, S.D. #42 Grady, Bruce 604-466-6555
Community Gardens, Pitt Meadows Benoit, Devon 778-828-0927 E-mail
Community Kitchen Sargeant, Sharon 604-463-0663
Community Services, MR/PM Kipps, Vicki 604-467-6911 E-mail
Community Services, Rainbow Club Rogge, Kristy 604-467-0544
Crime Prevention Programs, Volunteer Clack, Annette 604-467-7644 E-mail
Disabled Skiers Assoc. of BC 604-333-3630 E-mail
Eagles, Fraternal Order of Krisko, Colin 604-463-0700 E-mail
Ex-Service Women of Ridge Meadows 604-466-9210
Fairgrounds Advisory Board Bates, Lorraine 604-463-6922 E-mail
Family Education and Support Centre Tarasiuk, Nicole 604-467-6055 E-mail
Farmers Institute, Pitt Meadows Captein, Leo 604-465-5861 E-mail
Fire Department, Pitt Meadows Jolley, Don, Fire Chief 604-465-2401 E-mail
First Aid Occupational/Emergency Symington, Jenny 604-465-5622
First Aid School, St.John Ambulance Aney, Nadine 604-467-1490 E-mail
Fraser Health Authority Herbert, Leslie 604-476-7000 E-mail
Fraser Valley Rhododendron Club Gardner, John
Friends in Need Food Bank 604-466-3663
Gifted Children's Assoc of BC, MR Group Eredics, Nicole 604-466-8002 E-mail
Girl Guides of Canada Customer Service Rep. 1-800-565-8111 E-mail
Grief Recovery Program 604-463-7722
Haney Seahorse Shaw, Reg 604-476-0200
Heart & Stroke Foundation 604-472-0045
Honeyland Canada Graham, Lori 604-460-8889 E-mail
Hospital & Health Care Centre 604-463-4111
Hospital Foundation, Ridge Meadows Rankin, Sandra 604-463-1822 E-mail
Kidney Foundation, Eagle Ridge Chapter Thompson, Judith 604-466-6326 E-mail
Kiwanis Club, Golden Ears Farnsworth, Tom 604-462-8530
Legion, Ladies Auxiliary, Branch #88 Perry, Georgette 604-467-3646 E-mail
Legion, Royal Canadian, Branch #88 Alleyn, Terry 604-463-5101 E-mail
Library, Maple Ridge Public Kennedy, Caro 604-465-4113
Lodge, Prince David Masonic Pruett, Art 604-463-6030 E-mail
Lupus Support Group, Maple Ridge Jones, Pat 604-467-9430 E-mail
Pitt Meadows Foundation Hayes, Michael 604-465-4772 E-mail
Sasamat Outdoor Centre Watkinson, Linda 604-939-2268 E-mail
Scouts, Canada Three Rives Area Wilson, Bruce 604-467-0473 E-mail
Westcoast Family Resource Society Waldbillig, Jan 604-944-2500
Whonnock Foundation Braches, Fred 604-462-8942
BC Health and Seniors Information Line 1-800-465-4911 E-mail
Spirit Dancer Canoe Journeys Cooper, Chris 604-465-9320 E-mail
Act II Children and Family Services Angela Blasutig 604-463-0965 E-mail
Blue Heron Toastmasters Club Thompson, Andrew 604-460-0339 E-mail
West Coast Fish N Chicks E-mail
Hospice Society, Ridge Meadows 604-463-7722 E-mail
Welcome Wagon Noel Neufeld 1.844.299.2466 E-mail