Family Services

Organization Contact Name Phone
Family Services
Adoption Services, Min. of Children & Family Development MacPherson, Cate 604-933-2073
Adult Day Program Wardlaw, Karen 604-463-1826
Adult Mental Health Resource Centre Fisher, Joan 604-467-6034 E-mail
Asante Centre for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 604-467-7101
Birth Place, The Evers, Karen 604-465-5811
Child Dev. Centre, Ridge Meadows Taylor, Audrey 604-463-0881
Community Services, MR/PM 604-467-6911
Cythera Transition House Society Halliday, Heather 604-467-9966 E-mail
Daycare, Children's Country Corner Priya, Shelly 604-462-7783
Family Education and Support Centre Tarasuik, Nicole 604-467-6055 E-mail
Fraser Health, Home Health Care - West Office Wilkinson, Maureen 604-476-7800 E-mail
Fraser Health, Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows 604-476-7100
Friends in Need Foodbank Haughian, Fran 604-466-3663 E-mail
Helpline for Children Zenith 1234
Koha Montessori Children's House Michelle 604-465-9969 E-mail
Ministry of Children & Family Development Matta, Laura 604-466-7300
Ministry of Employment & Income Assistance Litke, Wendy 604-466-4441
MR/PM Family Place 604-466-8484
PLEA Kidstart Mentoring Program Hilger, Rolfe 604-476-9153 E-mail
POCOMO Mothers of Multiples Paulsen, Paula 604-462-8869
Preschool, Golden Ears Marg/Gail/Lisa 604-463-4652 E-mail
Preschool, Head Start Montessori McKendrick, Betty 604-467-3204 E-mail
Preschool, Little Garden Montessori Center Beckett, Kim 604) 466-5728 E-mail
Preschool, Little Green Apple Chucas, Winnie 604-462-7663
Preschool, Maple Ridge Adventure Holland, Wendy 604-463-4903
Preschool, Meadow Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten McNutt, Donna 604-465-3492 E-mail
Rainbow Club/Mental Health Services 604-467-0503
Ridge Meadows Assn. for Community Living Delong, Karen 604-467-8700
Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Maddalozzo, John 604-463-0881
Tricity Math & English Tutorial Centre Persad, Rose 604-833-5526 E-mail
Westcoast Family Resources Society Pynenburg, Anthony 604-463-0663 E-mail
Women's Centre Society, Ridge Meadows Peters, Cheryl Lynne E-mail
Best Friends Children's Centre Inc Stephanie Wakefield 604-465-3090
Discover Playhouse Moulds, Bev 604-465-4428 E-mail