Sewer, Storm and Drainage

About the System


The City looks after the maintenance of the sewer system, including disposal of waste.

The City's sewage disposal is provided through Metro Vancouver (formerly the Greater Vancouver Regional District). Transportation to that disposal site from the borders of the community is also provided through Metro Vancouver.

The City is directly responsible only for maintenance and construction of sewer lines within its boundaries.

Sewage Service Charges

Sewage costs are charged to most users based on a flat fee. This fee is charged annually based on the property tax notice due June 30th of each year. Properties considered as Industrial uses (including ice arenas and golf courses) are charged based on metered water usage. These properties are billed each January for the prior year.

Charges provided by the City for sewer-related services of any kind that remain unpaid on December 31st are deemed to be property taxes in arrears. These charges are in respect of the property to which the service was provided and are recoverable under the provisions of the Local Government Act. They may include tax sale of the related property.

The Metro Vancouver charge makes up about 65% of the City's sewage budget (including reserve contributions). Because other sewage costs are relatively stable from year to year, the District's sewer rates are driven to a large extent by the sewer fees charged by Metro Vancouver.

Sewer Main Flushing

Every year in the fall the City of Pitt Meadows flushes the sanitary/storm mains. There should be no interruption of regular service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

New Connections

In order to get a new connection installed, please contact:

Operations and Development Services
Phone: 604-465-2428
Fax: 604-465-2404

Locating an Existing Connection

Locating an existing connection is a free service provided during regular business hours. If emergency after hours service is required, the resident is charged the cost of the callout.

To locate an existing connection, please contact the Operations Department at 604-465-2434.