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Garbage, Recycling, Food and Yard Waste Services

For pickup schedules and information on what goes in your bins, see our Garbage and Recycling brochure.

Garbage pickup in Pitt Meadows is bi-weekly
, while recycling, and food scraps and yard trimmings are picked up every week.
See our frequently asked questions about bi-weekly garbage pickup.

Waste Pickup Services

Food and Yard Waste Services

Recycling Services

Garbage Services

Food and Yard Waste Services

Garbage is expensive, and we need to reduce the amount of garbage we are dumping and sending to landfills. About 1/3 of our garbage is food scraps and yard waste; material that can be processed into compost. The City is always looking at ways to reduce waste and meet Metro Vancouver's Zero Waste Challenge.

Pitt Meadows residents in single family homes and townhomes can add food scraps and yard waste to their weekly curbside pickup. All you need to do is put your leftover food into the kitchen container and empty it into the green cart every day. On your regular pickup day when you put out your garbage and recycling, just roll the green cart out to the curb as well, leaving it handle side out toward the street.

Check here to print out or view the copy of Waste Management's "What goes in the bin" sticker [PDF - 847 KB].
For more information click the following links:

My Waste App


Recycling Services

As a City that cares deeply about the environment, Pitt Meadows strongly promotes recycling. Our residential recycling program is designed to reduce the amount of household garbage deposited in landfills. Residents can put out an unlimited amount of recycling for weekly recycling pickup. (Blue Boxes and Recycling Bags are available for pick up at the Works Yard located at 11333 Harris Road. Bags are also available at City Hall located at 12007 Harris Road.)

Blue Box:

For your blue Box (Single Family Recycling Program), please:
  • Include: glass bottles, jars, tin and aluminum cans, plastic bags and plastic containers marked 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 or 7, the only exception being #3. Although Styrofoam is marked with a #6 recycling code, it is not recyclable. Ridge Meadows Recycling accepts Styrofoam, or check the Metro Vancouver Recycles database to find places that will accept Styrofoam.
  • Do not include: broken glass, window glass, ceramics
  • Do not include: any plastic containers not marked with approved codes.
  • Please rinse and flatten milk jugs. Rinse all items, discard lids and remove labels where possible.
  • Flatten items as much as possible.
  • Plastic bags should be bundled into one clear plastic bag and tied closed.

Don't forget to rinse containers clean and flatten items. Contaminated (not clean) items will not be accepted.

Blue Bag:
Ok for dry newspapers and newspaper inserts (non glossy)
Yellow Bag:
Ok for brochures, catalogues, clean pizza boxes, flattened boxes (i.e. cereal), flyers, hard cover and paperback books, magazines, office paper and envelopes, phone books, textbooks, and any 100% paper fibre. Loose corrugated cardboard must be flattened, bundled, and tied. (3ft x 3ft x 6in max)
Check the Metro Vancouver Recycling Directory to find the nearest depot to take other types of recycling.

Please review the Garbage & Recycling Brochure [PDF - 8.3 MB] to find out when your pickup day occurs, or download our My Waste app to your smartphone. In order to have your garbage picked up, your garbage can/bag must be placed at the curbside by 8:00 am.

Find out about deposits and refunds for beverage containers and electronic recycling, visit .

Recycling in the Workplace:

Looking to improve recycling in your business? Check the following links for information on business recycling services and tips.

Ridge Meadows Recycling - RMRS is actively diverting materials from the waste stream with a weekly bluebox curbside collection program, an apartment toter collection service, a commercial recycling collection service and a full service drop-off depot and processing centre. Contact them at 604-463-5545.

Electronic Recycling - Electronics can be taken to Ridge Meadows Recycling, or check the Electronic Recycling Association website.

The Electronic Recycling Association is a not for profit organization with a mission to reduce electronic waste and the negative impact it has on the environment by reusing and recycling unwanted computers, laptops and other electronic equipment. They prevent unwanted electronics from ending up in landfills and enable them to be recycled when there is somebody who can still use them, and maximize the life span of computers by refurbishing and donating them to your local charities and other not for profit organizations at no cost, and, if the equipment is not suitable for donation, recycle it in an environmentally friendly way.

Garbage Services

Please Note: As of July 2, 2013, garbage pickup in Pitt Meadows will be bi-weekly instead of weekly. Garbage will be collected every second week, while recycling, and food scraps and yard trimmings will continue to be picked up every week.


Residents are allowed one bag or can of garbage in each pickup. Up to two extra bags are allowed, which must display tags. Extra bag tags are available for purchase at City Hall (12007 Harris Road), IGA or Shoppers Drug Mart stores, both located in the Meadowvale Shopping Centre at Harris Road and Lougheed Highway.

Please review the Garbage & Recycling Brochure to find out when your pickup day occurs. In order to have your garbage picked up, your garbage can/bag must be placed at the curbside by 8:00 am.


Garbage cans/bags must not be larger than 120 litres or equivalent sized bags or containers, and weighing not more than 44 lbs. Larger cans/bags will not be picked up.

Banned Items:

The following items are banned from garbage and will not be picked up: beverage containers, blue box recyclable, corrugated cardboard, newsprint, office paper, gypsum drywall, yard and garden waste, car batteries, medications and pharmaceuticals, paints, solvents and flammable liquids, gasoline and pesticides, vehicle tires, oil, oil filters and containers, and electronics, including personal computers, printers and televisions. Check the Metro Vancouver Recycling Directory to find out where to take these items.
Pet Waste Management:
  • For pet waste at home, other than cat waste: Metro Vancouver recommends flushing dog waste without the bag. Although banned from disposal, the quantity of waste that one or two dogs generate in about a week is tolerated in the garbage. It should be double-bagged and set out for collection. Double-bagging will reduce occupational risks for waste haulers and transfer station operators. Large quantities of pet waste in the garbage are unacceptable and will likely not be picked up. Other options for handling dog waste at home are described on the Metro Vancouver website, including dog waste composters, burial, etc.
  • For cat waste: Pet owners should dispose of cat feces double-bagged with their garbage. Again, although banned from disposal, waste from a few pets is tolerated in the garbage provided that it is set out for collection. Cat waste can contain the Toxoplasma parasite, which can harm humans who come into contact with cat waste through composting or accidental exposure at waste transfer facilities. Double-bagging will reduce these occupational risks.
    • Flushing of cat waste is discouraged. The Toxoplasma parasite can also harm aquatic wildlife when cat feces are flushed. Flushing either regular or flushable cat litter can eventually clog residential sewer connectors.
  • For dog waste in parks and kennels: Check Metro Vancouver's website:
Metro Vancouver Transfer Stations:

Find the nearest transfer station on the Metro Vancouver website.

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