Green Links

Learn more about taking care of our planet and reducing, reusing and recycling here.

  • Ridge Meadows Recycling offers commercial pick-up in the City of Pitt Meadows and also provides an educational component to local schools please contact them for more information at Ridge Meadows Recycling
  • Metro Vancouver - Reusing & Recycling Database. This page allows you to enter your address and find information on where to take used items you no longer need. In addition, the free BC Recyclepedia smartphone app can help.
  • Find out what happens when you recycle an aluminum can.
  • Check out Greenopolis - an online community for people who are living green.
  • Find out about energy conservation at BC Hydro, which also provides information on rebate programs for home owners.
  • Carbon neutral initiatives are an important part of today's world. You can calculate your carbon footprint here.
  • Locally raised and produced food has several health & taste benefits. Please visit the BC Farm Fresh, and the Circle Farm Tour for more information. Click here for an iTunes App on local food vendor locations.
  • The Government of Canada is encouraging the use of public transit to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In 2006 they introduced a non-refundable public transit tax credit based on the cost of monthly public transit passes. In 2007 the eligibility criteria was expanded. Visit the CRA website for more details.
  • The City of Pitt Meadows has completed a Corporate Energy & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Plan and a Community Energy & GHG Emissions Plan . Please click on the links to learn more about what your city is doing to protect the environment.
  • We encourage the consumption of our pristine GVWD tap water in the lower mainland. Click here for an iTunes App on locations of public drinking fountains in the Metro Vancouver region.