Business Energy Assessment Programs

Businesses in Pitt Meadows - Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Through the LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program and Retail Council of Canada your business can access a free, no obligation, business energy assessment. By participating in this program you can:

  • Improve your retail environment while saving energy and money.
  • Receive low and no cost recommendations for reducing your energy consumption.
  • Access government and utility incentives from LiveSmart BC, FortisBC and BC Hydro.
  • Receive a LiveSmart BC Recognition Package to promote your energy savings achievements to your staff and clients.

The LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program includes the following free services:

  1. A walk-through energy assessment of your business from City Green Solutions, including measuring the efficiency of lighting levels;
  2. A customized report with recommended energy saving upgrades, available rebates, estimated energy savings, and estimated payback periods (i.e. how long, with the incentives, it takes for the upgrades to pay for themselves through energy savings); and
  3. A list of BC Hydro and Fortis BC approved suppliers (NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with any specific contractors or suppliers, and do not sell any product).

If you would like to schedule a free assessment or if you would like more information about the LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program service please contact Business Energy Advisor – Maya Chorobik ( or call 604.363.7791

This opportunity is available to you through a partnership between the Retail Council of Canada and City Green Solutions. Funding is provided by the Province of BC's LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program.

Climate Smart Program

The City of Pitt Meadows is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Metro Vancouver to support local businesses and contractor's participation in the Climate Smart program. The goal is to enable carbon reductions on a community-wide scale while helping private businesses reduce energy and material use, solid waste generation, and operating costs.

Through hands-on training and software, the Climate Smart program helps businesses track their carbon emissions, develop strategies to cut costs, improve operational efficiencies, and gain a competitive edge. Businesses leave the program equipped with metrics and data to include in RFPs, tenders and applications for funding. The Climate Smart program also helps participating businesses navigate and access local utility incentives and rebates.

Verde Flower & Plant Design, Stomping Grounds Coffee House, Pitt Meadows Golf Club, Becker & Company Lawyers and Drs. Bing and Henderson have registered as our first local businesses in the Pitt Meadows area to sign up for the Climate Smart program.  They have received up to $1,000 subsidies  to participate in the program which consists of three (3) half day sessions. Congratulations and we look forward to establishing a working relationship with you! They are all very excited to be part of a green community initiative and join a growing network of BC businesses that are developing fuel, waste, and operational efficiencies with a green twist.

For more information about the program, visit or (604) 477-9736.

Click here to view the Climate Smart Brochure [PDF - 131 KB].