EV Charging Station


Electric vehicle owners can drive with confidence in Pitt Meadows knowing charging facilities are close by, thanks to the installation of two Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations at Civic Square on Harris Road. The City is now part of a larger, BC-wide network of charging stations which offer electric vehicle drivers extended travel options and more peace of mind.

The charging stations will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will initially provide free vehicle charging to promote increased use of electric vehicles. The stations are equipped with ChargePoint Network connectivity and Level 2 charging infrastructure, which means electric vehicles can recharge more quickly than from a traditional power outlet.

“We are proud that Pitt Meadows has joined the electric vehicle charging station network and can now support residents, businesses and visitors in Pitt Meadows who have made a personal commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by driving an electric vehicle,” said Mayor Deb Walters.

The project was made possible by a grant from the Fraser Basin Council's Community Charging Infrastructure (CCI) Program, on behalf of the Province of BC.

Learn more about electric vehicles HERE [PDF - 449 KB].


EV Charging Station Statistics

The follow links provide a graphical representation of;

1. The total number of charging sessions since inception May 1, 2013

Charging Sessions Since May 1, 2013-Chart.pdf [PDF - 28 KB]

2. Green House Gas savings by use of electric vehicles charged at the City's charging station since inception May 1, 2013

GHG Savings Since May 1, 2013-Chart.pdf [PDF - 36 KB]