Fraser River Flood Stages

Click here to view a larger scale of the Typical Dike Section in Pitt Meadows drawing. [PDF - 436 KB]

Fraser River Freshet Stage & Response

Water Survey of Canada maintains this electronic gauge, which automatically reads the elevation of the Fraser River and relays the information to a base computer in Mission. The City of Pitt Meadows flood response plan is based on readings from the Mission Gauge as detailed in the chart below.


Stage at Mission


Response Action


Potential Impacts

1 to                   5.99 meters Periodic patrols to ensure dikes are clear & accessible. Complete urgent mitigative works as required. Below Bank Full Conditions
6.0 meters FLOOD WATCH: Low level EOC established to monitor conditions. Regular dike patrols and gauge level readings. The river has risen beyond its natural banks.
6.5 meters FLOOD ALERT: Daily dike patrols are commenced, noting all changes and marking seepage points. Evacuation notification possible given conditions. The river has risen beyond its banks and is on the dike structure.
7.0 meters 24 hour continuous dike patrols commenced. River bank erosion and areas of seepage/boils monitored and repaired as necessary. Evacuation order considered for all low lying areas depending on river forecast. The level of the river is well up onto the dike structure.
7.57 meters Flood fighting continues. If conditions persist, widespread evacuation considered. All non-standard diking systems at risk of failure if water levels persist for several days.
8.0 meters Larger scale flood fighting on all dikes. Monitor and repair points of seepage. Final evacuation ordered. High water is within 0.6 meters (2 feet) of crest of dikes.
8.3 meters Flood fighting ceased, emergency responders are pulled from the affected areas. Water is at the crest of the dike; overtopping expected. There is a high probability of dike failures throughout the Fraser Valley.