Severe Weather - Winter

Severe Weather - Winter

Snow and Ice Removal Information for Pitt Meadows

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Severe weather conditions in the winter can be extremely dangerous. Cold temperatures, high winds and snow and ice can cause damage to property and create hazards for residents. Extreme cold can cause frostbite and hypothermia and can also contribute to problems such as pipes bursting, crop damage and power outages. Extreme cold accounts for about 70% of ice and snow related injuries, and fatalities usually occur in motor vehicles, mostly due to accidents caused by icy roads.

What you can do

Stay Informed
During severe winter weather, its important to stay informed so you can take appropriate actions such as staying indoors, avoiding road travel, and other precautions. For up to date information on weather and road conditions, as well as emergency preparedness tips, visit the Emergency Management BC website or watch and listen to local radio and television news channels.

Drive Safely
In very cold weather, roads can be icy and dangerous. Always avoid travel in severe winter weather unless absolutely necessary. If you must drive in severe winter conditions, follow some basic guidelines for safe winter driving.

Report Dangers
To report non-life threatening problems with water, sewer or drainage in Pitt Meadows, please call 604.465.5454 or after hours emergency dispatch at 604.465.2465. Always call 911 for life or property threatening emergencies.

Be Prepared
It is important to have an emergency preparedness kit in your home in the event you are unable to leave your home during severe weather conditions. Find out what items should be included in your emergency preparedness kit. Specific items for cold weather and snow should be included in your car as well, such as:

* Extra gloves, hats and blankets
* Flares and flashlights
* A portable shovel
* Kitty litter or other gravel to sprinkle on slippery surfaces for traction if you are stuck
* Car cell phone charger

What to expect in severe weather conditions

Snow Removal Priorities in Pitt Meadows
In Pitt Meadows, our crews treat major routes as a priority, as keeping these roads open allows traffic to reach other areas and keeps transit operational. During periods of heavy snowfall, major routes are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here for more information on Snow Removal.

Be a Snow Angel. Please help your neighbours who have mobility difficulties, such as seniors and persons with disabilities, as shovelling snow can be a difficult and dangerous task. Check in with them frequently, as they may be unable to get out of their home due to the snow and may need help getting groceries, medications, or other necessities.

Waste Removal
If roads are blocked or are hazardous for crews, the City may temporarily cancel garbage and recycling pickup. For information on when missed garbage pickup zones will be done, check this website for updates. When pickup resumes, it may take a few days for missed zones to be caught up.

Power Outages - Safety Concerns
Power outages increase the risk of fire, as people use alternative fuel sources for heating their homes, such as wood and kerosene and fuel burning lanterns and candles for light. Carbon monoxide poisoning may also result from the burning of alternative fuels in improperly ventilated rooms. If you are using alternative heat sources, be sure to follow some basic safety precautions. Visit BC Hydro's page for safety tips and how to prepare your home for power outages.

Hypothermia is a concern during cold weather as well. Rapid loss of body temperature can occur in cold temperatures combined with wind chill. If frostbite or hypothermia is suspected, know how to begin warming the person slowly and seek immediate medical assistance. Visit the HealthLink BC website for information on frostbite or hypothermia.

Q & A

Who removes snow from sidewalks?
Snow removal from sidewalks is the responsibility of each residential property owner and business owner. The City does not remove or clear snow from the front of residences or businesses.

Is there a fine for not removing snow from walkways and sidewalks?
Residents and commercial businesses that do not clear sidewalks bordering their property in accordance with Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw No. 2377 are subject to a fine of $50.

Who clears snow from public areas such as mailboxes and bus landing areas?
Until City crews are able to keep main routes clear, side streets and residential areas will not be cleared, which includes mailboxes and bus landing areas. We strongly encourage residents to assist with shoveling snow from these areas.

What if I am unable to clear the snow from my sidewalk or driveway because of age or disability?
We ask all residents to help their neighbours who may be elderly or disabled by assisting them with the clearing of their sidewalks and driveways. Being a "Snow Angel" can help prevent injuries or even save a life! Find out more about the "Snow Angel" program here.

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