Fire Services

The Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service provides the community with the following services: fire suppression, rescue, fire prevention, fire inspection, pre-fire planning, basic hazardous materials response, and first responder medical care when requested by, and in support of, BC Ambulance Service paramedics. 

Pitt Meadows has five full-time personnel (chiefs and firefighters) and 32 paid-on-call volunteer firefighters. Pitt Meadows fire department personnel - including career and paid-on-call volunteers - are all trained and certified at the same level as all fire service personnel in BC.

Visit the Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service Online

The City of Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service hosts its own website to provide seasonal information related to emergency preparedness, upcoming events, current stats, information about the department, a photo gallery of recent fires and events, several other interesting fire related topics. The site also houses a secure training portal for our volunteer firefighters. Visit the site at


For information on recruitment and the process of applying to become a Paid-On-Call firefighter with the Fire & Rescue Service, visit  This page will be updated when the department is actively accepting applications.

On January 12, 2016, Council received a report from Dugal Smith & Associates, who provided a review of fire and rescue services in Pitt Meadows. The report is available here.

Mission Statement

To work as a team serving the City of Pitt Meadows by protecting life, property and the environment from fire and other risks.

Our core values are:

  • We will take pride in all we do and who we are.
  • We will be dependable to each other, the community and our families.
  • We will let safety determine our actions.
  • We will use integrity as our guide in all matters.

Requests for Incident Reports

Members of the public or outside agencies may apply to receive copies of Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service incident report (information includes: date, time, location, details of incident with names blacked out for confidentiality).  FOI (Freedom of Information) requests must be made from the City's Corporate Services Dept. (please see contact info provided below).

All requests for Fire Service information must be submitted in writing to:

Fire Chief, Don Jolley
Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service
12007 Harris Rd
Pitt Meadows, BC  V3Y 2B5

Email: Administration

Fax: 604-465-1195

Include with your request the following information:

  1. Your company name, address, and contact name
  2. The reason for the request
  3. Phone number where you can be reached during the day
  4. Names of parties you are representing (where applicable)
  5. Your file or case number (where applicable)
  6. Type of incident (fire, motor vehicle incident, etc.)
  7. Date and time that the incident occurred
  8. Address or location of incident
  9. Names of all persons involved (if known)
  10. Fire Service case number (if known)
  11. A copy of consent must be provided for third party representation. Scanned copies are acceptable. 

An invoice from the City of Pitt Meadows will be mailed to you for a File Search Fee. 

Requests can also be made through our Corporate Services Dept. for FOI (Freedom of Information) Requests.  Please contact Corporate Services at 604-465-2433.