Pitt Meadows Airport - YPK

The Pitt Meadows Regional Airport is the only Fraser Valley aerodrome located on the north side of the Fraser River serving fixed wing and fresh water float operators. It serves the area north of the Fraser River from Mission up to and including Vancouver.

The Airport consists of one 4700 foot runway and two 2500 foot paved runways along with a staffed control tower. It is the home base for three major rotary wing operations, provides a float aircraft dock and ramp (the only freshwater one in the Lower Mainland), and serves approximately 300 locally based float and regular aircraft.

YPK is the third largest airport in the Lower Mainland and the 15th largest airport in Canada.  Businesses at the Pitt Meadows Airport are primarily aviation related and include:

  • aviation support services: fuel sales, hangars, and engineering
  • flight training
  • scheduled passenger service
  • charter service
  • avionics sales and service
  • aircraft painting
  • aircraft sales and repair

Non-aviation commerce at the airport includes:

  • a large blueberry producer
  • a custom roof-truss manufacturer
  • a restaurant

Check out more information at the Pitt Meadows Airport website