Pitt River Bridge

The Pitt River Bridge Gateway Program

The Pitt River Crossing had been designed as part of a long-term initiative to improve highways in Greater Vancouver. The project was a stand-alone component of the North Fraser Perimeter Road Project.

New Pitt River Bridge.jpg

The bridge is designed to accommodate different lane allocations. The bridge's seven lanes can allocate as general-purpose lanes or as a combination of general purpose and HOV lanes. The design also allows for one lane to be added in the future. This additional lane could meet future demand for vehicle use (HOV, buses, and/ or other vehicles) or Light Rail Rapid Transit.

The existing intersection at Lougheed Highway and Mary Hill Bypass has been replaced with a grade-separated interchange with on- and off-ramps that allows for free-flow of traffic. The interchange will also provide for future connection to the Fremont Extension, which will support development in Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam.