Community Foundation

The Pitt Meadows Community Foundation is a non-profit group that exists to serve the community.

About The Foundation

The Foundation was incorporated in June 1983 as a charitable society to serve the community of Pitt Meadows, created by and for the people of Pitt Meadows.  We are here to help individuals and groups make an ongoing difference in their community.  The Foundation provides a simple, powerful and highly personal approach to giving by helping you support the issues and organizations you care about most, all through your community foundation.  

Three special features of the Foundation are:

Endowment Building:
We build endowments and other funds to provide lasting support for local priorities. This makes gift giving easy and effective, and we accept a wide variety of gifts and provide donors with a number of charitable options.  You can contribute cash, property and other assets.  You may establish a fund in your name or in the name of a loved one.  In most cases, your gift qualifies for maximum tax advantage under federal law.

Local Expertise:
Our foundation's staff and volunteers have an in-depth understanding of the issues, opportunities, and resources that shape our community.  We evaluate all aspects of community well being - including social services, education, the environment, health care, youth, seniors and the arts.  We can help you learn more about local organizations and programs that make a difference in areas you care most about.

Community Leadership:
Because community foundations support all kinds of charities, we are well positioned to bring people and organizations together, convening diverse voices to address local issues and opportunities.   Our business is building community.

As well as providing support for community education, culture and the arts, athletics, recreation and social services, the Foundation also maintains some dedicated funds for specified purposes.

Dedicated Funds

  • Harold Sutton Seniors Fund - This fund was established with an initial donation from former Reeve Sutton and is designated to be used for the benefit of seniors in Pitt Meadows.
  • Bursary Education Fund - The aim of this fund is to grant bursaries to two graduating Pitt Meadows students each year.

General Grants

Previous grants include contributions to the Cenotaph, the Library and Airport Walkway. Also, the Foundation has made donations to:

  • The Hospital in support of the Lifeline Program, Donor Wall and Heart to Heart Campaign
  • Old Age Pensioners Association
  • Museum and Heritage Society
  • Ridge Meadows Parks and Leisure Services toward the purchase of several trees, picnic tables, benches, bicycle racks and two water fountains
  • An electronic piano was donated to the Pitt Meadows Senior Secondary Music Department
  • A Computer Laboratory was established in the Family Recreation Centre, for the joint use of the Seniors and the Youth of Pitt Meadows.

In addition, the Foundation provides support to the Remembrance Day ceremony and Canada Day celebration.

Citizen of the Year Award

The Foundation is responsible for the Pitt Meadows Citizen of the Year Award. This prestigious award is presented annually to a person who has demonstrated a commitment to the community through volunteer work, community leadership and active community involvement. The Foundation's role is to solicit nominations, evaluate and present the award.

Donating to the Foundation

Donations made to the Foundation are needed to support programs within the community, whether they are donations of money, gifts in kind or volunteer services.

Donors may specify their donation be allocated to a specific dedicated fund or to a project of their choice. As the Foundation is a registered charity, an official receipt will be issued for all monetary donations.

Consider: Making a cash donation, donating through wills/bequests, gifts of real property and personal, in-kind services, and/or volunteering.


Membership is open to all persons. Membership fee is $20.00 annually.


Michael Hayes, President at or mailing address: PO Box 31741, Pitt Meadows, B.C., V3Y 2H1