Changes Coming to Recycling, Garbage & Green Waste Pickup

August 8, 2016


Beginning August 29, 2016, Multi-Material BC (MMBC) will assume responsibility for residential packaging and printed paper recycling services in the City of Pitt Meadows, with the curbside collection service contract being awarded to Smithrite Disposal Ltd. Smithrite will provide weekly pick up of residential recycling for residents living in single family homes, as well as townhouses and mobile homes that currently receive curbside blue box service. Residents will be able to recycle the same materials they do today and will also benefit from the addition of segregated curbside glass pick up for non-deposit glass packaging.

Glass Recycling
A new grey box for recycling non-deposit glass bottles and jars will be delivered to residents the week of August 15-19, with segregated glass pick up beginning the week of August 29. Glass accepted under MMBC’s program includes all clear and coloured glass packaging (bottles and jars), with the exclusion of beverage containers which are part of the return-for-refund beverage deposit system.

Service Changes
The current 4-day-a-week pickup service will now expand to 5-days-a-week, so some residents' pickup day may change. Also, recycling is now required to be at the curbside by 7am, instead of the current 8am. 

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Garbage and Green Waste

The City of Pitt Meadows announced a new contract with Waste Management for garbage and green waste in Pitt Meadows, effective November 1, with new services included at a cost savings.

Service Changes
In order to align pickup days with the new 5-day-a-week recycling schedule, the new solid waste contract also means garbage and green waste pickup service will increase from four days a week to five as of August 29, so some residents' pickup day may change.

The new service will include automated curbside pickup in November, which will be serviced by environmentally-friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks. New 120L garbage bins for the automated solid waste collection service will be delivered in October. More information will be provided, including instructions on how to place the container at the curb for the automated truck to pick it up.

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  • Download our flyer on the new changes, including a new zone map indicating pickup days.
  • Download the my-waste app from the App Store or Google Play Store to your smartphone for garbage and green waste reminders and information. (If you are a current my-waste user, the app will be updated on August 26 in advance of the schedule changes. To reset your pick-up reminders in my-waste, open the my-waste app and follow the link to select your pick-up zone – your reminder preferences will automatically be updated.)
  • If you experience problems with garbage or green waste pickup, contact Waste Management at 604.520.7800 or email