Public Hearing on Proposed City-Initiated Zoning Bylaw Changes Sept 4

August 30, 2018

The City routinely performs a review and updates to our Zoning Bylaw, which oversees how we use land in Pitt Meadows. The following updates are being recommended and will be open for public comment and Council consideration at a public hearing on September 4, 2018.  

Residents who would be impacted by any of these proposed amendments to the Zoning Bylaw are invited to provide feedback in writing or in person at the public hearing.

The bylaw and associated reports may be viewed at the City Hall during regular business hours, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Please direct inquiries to the Development Services Department at 604-465-2428.  

Proposed changes include the following:

1. Introducing research and development, biotechnology and production studio uses in the Golden Ears Business Park, phases 1 and 2 only. 

This allows for a wider variety of uses in Golden Ears Business Park, west of Harris Road.  This would create greater economic opportunities in the area and the possibility of higher-paying employment. 

2. To not permit accessory buildings on a property to be used toward the calculation of the gross floor area of the first storey. 

This would limit the floor area of the second storey to 80% of the first floor area.  The current regulation allows homebuilders to potentially use the area of accessory buildings such as garages and sheds towards the calculation of the first floor area. This change is meant to encourage greater visual interest in family home design (and prevent big box design).

3. Permitting storage containers (aka shipping containers) in industrial and agricultural zones

Storage containers (also known as shipping containers) under 10 square metres in area are permitted in the residential and agricultural zones for residential uses (primarily storage) with restrictions.  The City is proposing to allow larger storage in agricultural, general industrial and public zones.

4. Limiting the length of docks on the Alouette River. 

Currently, the length of docks in the Alouette River is limited indirectly:  a 30 metre wide channel must be maintained at all times, otherwise, the length of docks is not addressed in the Zoning Bylaw.  The City is proposing to limit the length of dock, including docks running parallel to the shore, to 30 metres in length.

5. Prohibiting secondary suites and garden suites from the CD-11 zone

Single-family homes located south of Sutton Avenue are zoned CD-11.  Existing covenants registered on these properties prohibit secondary suites.  However, the Zoning Bylaw currently permits secondary suites in the CD-11 zone.  Removing secondary suites as a permitted use will mean that the City’s Zoning Bylaw is consistent with restrictions that are already on the title of these properties.

6. Simplifying the language for Commercial, Unlicensed and Recreational Vehicle Parking and Storage in Residential Zones section

This section would be changed to reference unlicensed vehicles in the section title, since they are addressed in the body of the regulation, and eliminate references to the side yard and front yard setbacks.    

7. Exempt municipal accessory structures from setback requirements  

Typically, buildings throughout the City, whether they are residential, commercial, industrial etc., must be located a certain distance from property lines.  The City is proposing to eliminate this requirement for public buildings located next to other public properties.

8. Excluding single family homes and townhouse developments from applying small car space provisions in the Zoning Bylaw

Currently, the Zoning Bylaw permits 25% of the total required parking spaces for all developments that have more than 30 parking spaces to be small car spaces, or spaces with reduced dimensions. This is not intended to apply to garages attached to single units, but to car parking lots; however, that is unclear in the Zoning Bylaw.

For more information and related documents, visit our Public Hearings page.