Questions About Your Property Assessment? Join us via Facebook Live on Feb 7

February 2, 2017

Questions about your Property Assessment? 

The Feb 7 Council meeting will include a presentation by BC Assessment about your property assessment and how it relates to municipal taxes. Join the meeting live at 7pm on Feb 7 on Facebook Live via our Facebook page at Participants can submit questions in the video comments to ask during the presentation.

How to Participate:

  1. At 7pm on February 7, go online to the City's Facebook page via your computer or mobile device.
  2. The live video will appear on our timeline as a post and you can watch the presentation.
  3. You can submit questions and comments in the comment section of the video. (Please remember our user guidelines - keep questions and comments on topic, and appropriate and courteous for a public forum.)
  4. A staff member will relay the questions posted to the BC Assessment representative for answers.
  5. After the presentation and Q&A session have concluded, the Facebook Live video will conclude, but the video will remain posted on our Facebook page timeline and users can view it at any time afterward.
  6. If you wish to continue watching the rest of the Council meeting live, you can switch to our website to watch via our website live feed. (During Council Meetings there is a link to connect to the live stream. This link is not available when there is no meeting in progress.)

Please note, this is the first time we have used Facebook Live in this way to connect and offer a way for residents to engage, so if there are glitches or audio issues, please be patient with us! Our test runs have been successful, so we hope to be able to offer this opportunity again!