Check out New Automated Garbage Trucks Friday Oct 28 at Spirit Square

October 25, 2016

These new automated, environmentally-friendly natural gas trucks will be servicing Pitt Meadows beginning Oct 31. Residents should have received their new garbage cans that fit the automated truck arm last week.

Touch the Truck this Friday

This Friday, Oct 28 from 3:15pm to 4:45pm Waste Management will be at Spirit Square (12007 Harris Road) with one of the new trucks for a "Touch A Truck" event, where residents can come check out the new trucks and get more information about the new service. 

The event will open with remarks by Mayor John Becker and Alex Limongelli, Public Sector Manager, BC for Waste Management. “Touch a Truck” will also include an overview with Waste Management drivers, and an exclusive opportunity for visitors to see the new truck in action with Pitt Meadows’ new garbage carts.

Instructions for placing the new containers at the curb

Containers should be placed at the curb by 7:30am on collection day. To allow the trucks clear access to the container, it should be placed with the wheels as close to the curb as possible, with at least three feet of space from any obstructions such as cars, trees, fences, mailboxes or other containers. It should also be placed with the lid opening toward the street. Information and instructions on how to place the cart at the curb for the trucks were included with the new containers delivered to households.

Extra Bag Tags

Residents with extra garbage must continue to purchase an extra bag tag, and extra bags should be left next to the new container, and not placed in another container.

What about the old garbage cans?

The City will also be offering a two day pickup of residents' old cans for recycling in late November. Watch for more information coming soon!